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      Easyhome brings Red Dot Design Exhibition to Wuhan

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      When sparks will be ignited when the "Oscar of Industrial Design" meets the city of industrial design? On the afternoon of September 3, Chen Ruifeng, Deputy Party Secretary of the CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of the Wuhan Municipal People's Government met with a delegation led by Vito Orazhem, Executive Vice President of Red Dot. The two sides announced that Red Dot and Beijing Easyhome Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (Easyhome) would jointly host Red Dot Design Exhibition in Wuhan in late November.

      "Make it Simple-Perfect Design, Perfect Life" Red Design Exhibition will take place during Beijing International Home Decoration and Design Expo & Intelligent Life Festival (BIHD) took place for the first time from September 27 to 30, 2018. Following BIHD, the exhibition will be held at Wuhan Easyhome Optics Valley Store from late November 2018 to June 2019.

      Orazhem expected that Red Dot and Wuhan would fully cooperate to bring Wuhan top resources and introduce Wuhan's outstanding design to the world through Red Dot. "We are willing to work with Easyhome to promote the building of Wuhan into a 'design capital'," said him.


      Chen welcomed Red Dot Design Exhibition to Wuhan. As the first session of the 2nd China Industrial Design Exhibition to be held in Wuhan on November 23, Red Dot Design Exhibition at Easyhome Optics Valley Store will attract more design professionals and students to Wuhan.


      The smooth cooperation between the two sides has been attributable to Wuhan's strongest design atmosphere in the country. Wuhan is the fourth Chinese city designated as a "City of Design" by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization after Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing. In recent years, Wuhan has kept strengthening industrial design center cultivation during its march from an industrial hub into a strong industrial city, and subjects of the industrial design market have expanded gradually.

      The Beijing stop of Red Dot Design Exhibition coming before its Wuhan stop will also be brilliant. BIHD will take place in Beijing from September 27 to 30. Hosted by Easyhome and China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation, BIHD is China's first exhibition presenting a complete range of high-end home decoration materials. With a scale of 120,000 square meters and more than 500 exhibitors, the exhibition will feature Red Dot Design Exhibition, smart home furnishing and cloud life.


      Easyhome has always attached great importance to the integration of outstanding design and commerce as an enterprise driven by innovation and design, said Wang Linpeng, Chairman of Easyhome. In the future, Easy will carry out in-depth cooperation with Red Dot, including Red Dot Institute, Red Dot Mall, Red Dot Museum and other programs, to introduce outstanding overseas design to China and lead Chinese design to the world, in a joint bid to promote the internationalization of China's home furnishing industry.






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