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      Easyhome tapping Jiangsu again to compete with rivals

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      Rivals sometimes can help. On September 9, 2018, Beijing Easyhome Chain Group Co., Ltd. (Easyhome) opened a store in Xuzhou, the 251th one throughout China and the 6th one under Jiangsu Branch, in a move to compete with rivals aggressively in Jiangsu. With this, new retail of home improvement is starting its upgrade and challenge in Xuzhou and even Jiangsu.

      Opening: to enter an important city in Northern Jiangsu

      Easyhome Xuzhou Store, located at No. 189 Fuxing North Road, Gulou District, Xuzhou, has a total area of 160,000 square meters. The mall boasts well-equipped hardware facilities, an advantageous position close to the downtown, and convenient transportation.


      The mall consists of more than 200 booths on three floors to cover all products and services required during home improvement. It is a super-large home improvement-themed shopping center integrating multiple types of operations including home design, furniture, home improvement and e-commerce, which provides customers with one-stop services such as design, building materials, furniture, home improvement, home items and accessories.

      1/F mainly presents sofas, soft beds, mattresses, children's furniture, home accessories, bathroom accessories, ceramics, flooring, and hardware accessories. 2/F mainly exhibits custom-made furniture, custom-made cupboards and kitchen appliances, smart home, plumbing, integrated ceilings, doors and windows, and solid wood suite furniture. 3/F is a direct factory supply area for rosewood furniture, office furniture, European suites, American suites, interior design companies, soft-wallpapered integrated houses, lighting fixtures and other categories. Now brands like Marco Polo Tiles, Nobel Tiles, Nature Flooring, Frae Shower, St Thomas Creations, KUKA HOME, ARIS, Sleemon, General Electric, ROBAM have settled.

      Learning: to break through in Jiangsu

      Development in Northern Jiangsu relies on Xuzhou. The opening of Easyhome Xuzhou Store will surely be of important strategic significance to the development of Northern Jiangsu. After entering Xuzhou and facing rivals across the street, Easyhome seeks to provide better services in Xuzhou and even Jiangsu markets. Wang Linpeng, Chairman of Easyhome, has repeatedly applied the corporate value of learning and innovation to Xuzhou Store. To him, corporate development requires rivals, as "there will be no future without rivals."


      Jiangsu is the birthplace of Macalline. Easyhome expands its business layout at this time for the following two reasons. On the one hand, it is in the hope to achieve the development aspects of brands in Jiangsu; on the other hand, it will learn from Macalline. Being modest and prudent, Easyhome places its focus on Xuzhou, a central city of the Belt and Road and Huaihai Economic Zone, so as to break through in Jiangsu.

      Innovation: to create a home improvement experience MALL

      Easyhome again taps Jiangsu by learning from Macalline across the street in Xuzhou. Its local core idea is deep development and innovation. The Xihu Road Project, a home improvement art town being built in Wuxi, is quite different from any existing home improvement store.


      Easyhome will have its transformation and upgrading from a specialized home improvement store to a home improvement experience MALL by adhering to home as the core and home building materials as the main body. On the one hand, it expands rapidly for the purpose of a strategic layout of three networks: national physical store network, intelligent logistics platform and Homestyler; on the other hand, Easyhome is also constantly exploring the path of transformation and upgrading, so as to actively create three service platforms: finance, vertical forest complex and big consumption.

      Beijing Easyhome Experience MALL (Lize Store) is a model created by Easyhome with full efforts for transformation and upgrading from big home improvement to big consumption. Guangzhou Store is the No. 1 home improvement experience MALL created by Easyhome in other provinces.






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