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      253rd store opens to boost "Easyhome dream"

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      All traditional commerce is changing and restructuring, and the era when business types are divided by products has come to an end. In the future, traditional commerce will develop in the direction of crossover and integration. With home as the core and home furnishing as the subject, Easyhome will transform from a home furnishing and building materials mall to a home furnishing experience mall, said Wang Linpeng, Chairman of Easyhome.

      Subject: Home furnishing

      In 2018, Easyhome expanded rapidly and conducted "tri-network" strategic operations: physical store network, smart logistics platform and Easyhome Designer. On September 16, Xingyi Fukang Store, Easyhome's 253rd store in the country and Easyhome Chongqing's 15th store, opened.


      Located in the most flourishing business complex in Xingyi's new urban area, with a business area of some 40,000 square meters, more than 5,000 free parking spaces and more than 150 domestic and international top home furnishing and building materials brands, the store is a home furnishing and building materials mall with the largest scale, the most complete products and the highest grade in Xingyi.

      Since its entry into Guizhou in 2010, Easyhome has opened five stores in Guiyang, Bijie, Kaili, Zunyi and Renhuai by its tremendous strength and strong brand appeal. Easyhome Chongqing has so far signed 15 projects in Guizhou Province. In the coming five years, Easyhome will have more than 30 stores in Guizhou.

      From "great home furnishing" to "great consumption"

      In 2018, Easyhome explored the model of new retail while speeding up store opening.

      On April 30, Easyhome Experience Mall (Lize Store) opened as Easyhome's first store during its successful transformation from "great home furnishing" to "great consumption".

      On June 2 and 3, Art Home opened at Easyhome Liangwu North 5th Ring Store and Shilihe Store successively as a new attempt of Easyhome to explore the artistry of home furnishing malls, setting a precedent in the home furnishing industry.

      On June 28, Easyhome successfully signed Vertical Forest Huanggang Project, raising the curtain of innovative business complex building.

      Easyhome is constantly exploring a road of transformation and upgrading. With home as the core and home furnishing as the subject, Easyhome is transforming from a professional home furnishing and building materials mall into a tri-service platform (finance, vertical forest complex, great consumption).







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