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      BIHD2018: An exhibition of building materials, as well as a design exhibition and an intelligent life exhibition

      release time:2018-09-27 promulgator:easyhomeviews:


      Key words like Red Dot exhibition, top design, and intelligent life finally come! The 2018 Beijing International Home Decoration Exhibition and Design Expo & Intelligent Life Festival (hereinafter referred to as "BIHD2018") was opened on September 27 at the new hall of China International Exhibition Center in Shunyi, Beijing.


      "Usability is better than attractiveness!" Wang Linpeng, Chairman of Beijing Easyhome Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Easyhome"), said at the opening ceremony of the BIHD2018 Red Dot Design Exhibition. Easyhome intends to introduce excellent overseas design to China by holding the Red Dot Design Exhibition, so as to finally help Chinese design go to the world. In the future, Easyhome will continue to deepen cooperation with Red Dot by jointly launching the event of China Good Design.


      It is reported that after the end of BIHD2018, the Red Dot Industrial Design Exhibition will move to Wuhan. From late November 2018 to June 2019, Wuhan Guanggu Store will enter the "Red Dot Time". According to Wang Ning, President of Easyhome, "This exhibition is intended for highlighting design creativity, smart home, and intelligent life while ensuring the quality and quantity of exhibit brands and the number of viewers."

      An exhibition of high-end brands

      If you want to go quickly, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. The exhibition, co-sponsored by Easyhome and China International Exhibition Center, covered a total area of 120,000 square meters. From September 27 to September 30, this exhibition displayed over 500 brands in eight theme pavilions: bathroom pavilion, tile pavilion, custom-made home improvement pavilion, custom-made door & window pavilion, custom-made flooring pavilion, smart home improvement pavilion, intelligent life pavilion, and design and creation pavilion.


      After nearly one year's preparation, Easyhome has held this exhibition with full efforts only for the purpose of feelings by integrating global top brands and gathering resources of high-quality buyers. This exhibition is the only exhibition in China that gathers various high-end brands of home improvement building materials. During the exhibition, exhibitors come to BIHD2018 with new products to present the unique design concepts and sophisticated smart technologies of their products.

      The form of simplicity enabling design

      There is no life without design. It is an important mission of BIHD2018 to create a trend-setter exhibition and support the future of the industry with design. Easyhome has invested heavily in the Red Dot Design Award to introduce the so-called "Industrial Oscar" into China in a move to present the special exhibition with the theme of "THE FORM OF SIMPLICITY: GOOD DESIGN FOR A BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE".


      Bosco Verticale from the famous Italian designer Stefano Boeri at the exhibition revealed the true meaning of harmony between man and nature.

      Two design masters Liang Jianguo and Jiang Feng curated the exhibition with the international design concept. From the acquisition of Autodesk Homestyler to create a Homestyler platform, to the establishment of Easyhome top design maker space to gather design power, to leading the Red Dot Industrial Design Exhibition into China, Easyhome has always been fostering China's original design, creating China's original brands, and cultivating excellent young designers.

      Life in cloud to meet the future


      Intelligence will come in the future. It is another important mission of the exhibition to focus on new technologies for intelligent life and create a big pattern of smart home. Wild future technologies have gradually come into our sight and even become reality. BIHD2018, with life in cloud to meet the future, focuses on cutting-edge technologies. The exhibition will consist of 4 theme exhibition areas, new retail, smart life, Internet life and technical tie-up, to gather more than 30 top brands including Crestron, Barcelona and Honeywell. Besides, home appliance and kitchen giants known for best-selling smart home items will also come with new technologies and new products.


      Out of feelings, Easyhome is working hard to organize the exhibition and looking forward to the trend of industrial development. In the future, Easyhome will continue to maintain its initial intention, rely on the "three-network" strategy, rasp the new trend of consumer demands, accelerate the creation of China's No. 1 consumer brand, and continue to contribute to industrial transformation and upgrading and leap-forward industrial development.






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