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      9 stores in 10 days! Easyhome sets off new wave of store opening

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      9 stores in 10 days! From September 22 to October 1, Beijing Easyhome Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (Easyhome) opened stores in Hengshui (Hebei), Jiexiu (Shanxi), Shangrao (Jiangxi), Zhuhai (Guangdong), Huanggang (Hubei), Wendeng (Shandong), Qingzhou (Shandong), Changxing (Zhejiang) and Xingyang (Henan) successively. To date Easyhome has opened 262 stores in the country. Till now, Easyhome has opened 262 stores in the country.

      Easyhome is speeding up physical store network construction under the "tri-network" strategy in tier-3&4 and county-level cities. In the future, Easyhome will become China's first retail brand extending operations from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to county-level markets.

      Store opening

      In 2018, Easyhome kept extending operations and enhancing its leading advantage. By October 1, Easyhome had signed some 474 stores and opened 262 stores in the country.

      On September 28, Easyhome's 257th store and 2nd store in Jiangxi-Shangrao Dexing Store opened. To date Easyhome has opened 10 stores in 6 cities. The opening of the store sounded the bugle of operating and leading in Jiangxi for Easyhome. Then Easyhome Jiangxi will maintain efficient and rational operations, intensify and speed up project extension in Nanchang and Jiujiang.


      On October 1, Henan Xingyang Store opened as Easyhome's 261st store in the country and 18th store in Henan. Built by Easyhome and Hailong Industry, with a total area of nearly 30,000 square meters, it is a project drawing special attention from the Xingyang Municipal People's Government, as well as a one-stop home furnishing and building materials shopping center with the largest scale, the most complete products and the highest quality in Xingyang.


      Good things should be in pairs! Easyhome opened two stores in Shandong on September 30 and October 1. With a business area of some 39,000 square meters, Qingzhou Yifeng Store is Easyhome's 260th store in the country and 20th store in Shandong. With a business area of some 25,000 square meters, Wendeng Building Materials City Store is Easyhome's 262nd store in the country and 21st store in Shandong. To date Easyhome has opened 15 stores in 17 cities of Shandong and opened five stores in Weihai where Wendeng is located.


      In 2018, Easyhome conducted business model reform driven by big data based on physical stores.

      On February 11, Easyhome obtained a joint strategic investment of 13 billion yuan from Alibaba, Taikang, YF Capital and other investors.

      From June 16 to 18, Easyhome's eight stores in Beijing joined hands with Easyhome Decoration and Liwu Supermarket to participate in Tmall 618 Carnival, and achieved sales of 1.068 billion yuan in 3 days. The main venue Jinyuan Store is the first smart store built by Easyhome in association with Alibaba.

      On August 16, Easyhome and Focus Media forged a strategic partnership on targeted marketing.

      Easyhome's smart logistics platform is under construction, too.


      In 2018, with home as the core and home furnishing as the subject, Easyhome transformed from "great home furnishing" to "great consumption", to build a home furnishing experience mall.

      On April 30, Easyhome Experience Mall (Lize Store) opened as Easyhome's first store during its successful transformation from "great home furnishing" to "great consumption".

      On June 2 and 3, Art Home opened at Easyhome Liangwu North 5th Ring Store and Shilihe Store successively as a new attempt of Easyhome to explore the artistry of home furnishing malls, setting a precedent in the home furnishing industry.

      On June 28, Easyhome successfully signed Vertical Forest Huanggang Project, raising the curtain of innovative business complex building.

      On August 11, the first cooperative store of Easyhome and Hema opened in Shunyi. On September 28, Easyhome's three stores in Beijing and Chengdu opened simultaneously, to boost the development of Easyhome's great consumption.

      Easyhome hosted Red Dot Design Exhibition from September 27 to 30 during BIHD2018. In the future, Easyhome will deepen cooperation with Red Dot to jointly launch "China Good Design" event.






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