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      Tmall enables Easyhome to achieve RMB 10 billion during the Singles Day

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      "During this Singles Day, Easyhome will work with Tmall's stores in China's 27 cities to start the online & offline global carnival, with a sales target of RMB 10 billion!". On October 12, Easyhome Tmall new retail strategy release and Double Eleven launching ceremony was held in Beijing. To make still further progress, all efforts must be paid. Following the 618 Good Life Carnival Season with RMB one billion in three days, Easyhome and Tmall work further in the hope to sell for RMB 10 billion.


      "All business models in the Internet era are to be supported by big data. Big data on home improvement is precisely the head of big data, which is the most accurate source of data." Said Wang Linpeng, Chairman of Beijing Easyhome Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd.

      Tmall also intends to make Easyhome a new sensation on the Singles Day this year.


      Reconstruction of users, products and scenarios and transformation into a digital retail platform

      No matter how technologies and business models change, the basic elements of retail are around users, products and scenarios. So is the case with home improvement retail. In the context of traditional retail, users, products and scenarios are separated to the extent to form their separate islands of information. New retail aims to reconstruct the relationships between users, products and scenarios under the drive of big data and AI in a way to seek to break separate islands of information and finally sell products to right users at the right time and place. The new retail strategy of Easyhome is an application of this theory in home improvement retail.


      According to Wang Ning, President of Beijing Easyhome Chain Group, the strategic cooperation between Easyhome and Alibaba in new retail is a matter of solving integrated development from the perspective of such two enterprises and also a matter of solving online and offline separation from the perspective of the industry. It is necessary to explore how to enhance shopping experience from the perspective of consumers and how to improve the management efficiency of brand owners and dealers from the perspective of cooperative parties. Both the digital upgrade of Beijing Jinyuan Store or the reopening of Easyhome Tmall Wisdom Home Improvement Pavilion 1.0 have broken the previous home improvement store operation model by making the most of its digital capacity and big data capacity to enable merchants.

      "After nearly a half year's trial and development, Easyhome has overturned the traditional home improvement retail model by re-construing users, products and scenarios under the drive of big data, to the extent to achieve extensive growth," said Li Xuanxuan, Deputy Director of the New Retail Marketing Management Department of Beijing Easyhome Chain Group. Through digital and intelligent transformation, stores have achieved leap-forward development in terms of connecting global commodity systems, connecting full-chain trade links, connecting online and offline membership systems, improving refined operations, optimizing consumers' shopping experience, fully controlling service links, and constructing a consumer finance system, to the great advantage of consumers' shopping experience, and merchants’' business decision-making and marketing reaches.

      Meanwhile, Yichen, Director of New Retail at Tmall's Home Design Division, described the new retail ecology of Easyhome from a macro perspective. To him, as new retail is taking shape, Easyhome has made great progress in the reconstruction of users, products and scenarios and industrial restructuring and upgrading. Through big data-driven global marketing and full-channel retail capacity upgrades, Easyhome is transforming from a traditional home improvement retail business to a digital retail platform.

      Finding Mr. Right, Homestyler re-constructs full links in home improvement

      "Love is not about depending on each other, but about being independent and strong and then working hard to be with each other." Unlike the digital store co-built by both sides, Homestyler is a product of Easyhome based on a deep understanding of the development trend of home improvement and the pain spots of multiple industries.

      According to Hu Haosong, Director of E-commerce and Executive Deputy General Manager of Beijing Easyhome Chain Group Co., Ltd. and Executive Deputy General Manager of Beijing Homestyler Network Technology Co., Ltd., Homestyler, as the Skynet project in Easyhome's three-network strategy, aims to create an online and offline-integrated intelligent design and home improvement management platform that covers design cloud, material purchase, commodity sales, construction management, logistics distribution and smart home improvement services. It achieves an integration of online and offline home improvement scenarios to re-construct full links in home improvement, with designers as the traffic portal and with design, materials and construction as the entry points, by leading in establishing "decoration fitting room", "material purchase platform" and "construction management platform".

      After the strategic cooperation between Easyhome and Alibaba, Homestyler has won the powerful help of Tmall. So it is possible to build a global experience contact network for the purpose of a second take-off of the platform by connecting to Tmall's online traffic portal and creating smart stores.

      TETP together with Tmall to bring warmth during the Singles Day

      Winter comes early for the interior design industry this year. It is very cold and even some quality companies are facing great risks. Under such context, Easyhome has joined Tmall to bring two warm gifts to excellent interior design enterprises.


      TETP Plan

      TETP (Tmall & Easyhome Top Partner Plan), custom-made by Easyhome and Tmall for interior design enterprises to enable excellent home improvement brands to grow based on their quality resources.

      According to Ding Zhao, General Manager of the Business Center of Tmall's Home Design Division, TETP covers global marketing including advertising alliance, resource alliance and data alliance, a new supply chain including decoration fitting room, digital store, etc., and service upgrade integrating 88VIP members and pre-sales and after-sales members. It aims to build the largest interior design marketing consortium in China by integrating the marketing resources of Easyhome and Tmall.

      Double 11 Global Carnival

      Easyhome & Tmall Double 11 Global Carnival. According to Wang Ning, President of Beijing Easyhome Chain Group, this Double 11 Carnival will guide customers to merchants, gather popularity and increase sales by making the most of the advantages of online and offline stores. At the same time, it will provide more accurate and scientific digital management capabilities to Easyhome's cooperative partners with the help of big data, so that business can be easy.

      When the 618 ideal life carnival season is still remembered for its performance of one billion in three days, the Double 11 Global Carnival is ready to go. After Easyhome is equipped with new retail, what surprises can be brought to the interior design industry in winter and the development of the whole industry? We will see.






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