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      Easyhome invests 10 billion yuan to build "Smart Home Art Town"

      release time:2018-11-08 promulgator:easyhomeviews:

      Easyhome has added a mark to its physical store network! Today Easyhome "Smart Home Art Town" opened in Yubei, Chongqing!

      With an area of some 610 mu, a total investment of some 10 billion yuan and a floor area of some 900,000 square meters, the project is an important part of Easyhome's transformation and upgrading from "great home furnishing" to "great consumption".

      In the future, the project will be built into a "one-stop" business complex integrating business types including flagship cluster, professional mall, design creativity, base materials wholesale, thematic commerce, office and catering & entertainment. Besides, smart home furnishing will add splendor to the life of Chongqing people.

      Easyhome Chongqing will open more than 50 stores in Chongqing and Guizhou, and achieve cumulative sales of 40 billion yuan in five years. By November 5, Easyhome had signed 497 stores and opened 263 stores in the country.

      On November 8, the Yubei District People's Government entered into an agreement with Beijing Easyhome Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (Easyhome) and Chongqing Youxi Property Co., Ltd. (Youxi Property) on investing in the project of Easyhome "Smart Home Art Town".


      Focusing on "high-quality life", pushing for "high-quality development"

       "The project of Easyhome Smart Home Art Town accords with the goal of 'high-quality development, high-quality life', the orientation of Yubei's consumption level improvement action plan and the development direction of Chongqing's innovative economy corridor."

      The settlement of "Smart Home Art Town" in Yubei marks the addition of a new fresh force to Chongqing's home furnishing and building materials industry, which will effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of Yubei and Chongqing's traditional consumption model, become a new landmark and hotspot of home furnishing shopping in the downtown and the whole city, and make remarkable contributions to local economic development, said Liao Hongjun, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Yubei District Committee and Executive Deputy Head of Yubei District.

      Upgraded "home furnishing shopping", "new choice" of leisure experience

      "With superior location, prosperous economy and robust consumption, Yubei enjoys huge potential," said Zhang Zongrong, Vice President of Beijing Easyhome Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (Easyhome). Along with its partner, Easyhome is confident of building and operating "Smart Home Art Town" well in the innovative economy corridor in Yubei, to meet all-round and multi-level consumption needs, and inject vitality into local economic and social development.

      The settlement of "Smart Home Art Town" in Yubei is Easyhome's initiative business model innovation during its transformation and upgrading from "great home furnishing" to "great consumption".

      "Smart Home Art Town" is an upgrade of the traditional mall for home furnishing and building materials. It covers primary business including flagship cluster, professional mall, design creativity and base materials wholesale, and introduces independent flagship stores and headquarters of renowned home furnishing brands, to build thematic commerce, office, catering & entertainment and other business types, make consumers experience catering, cinema, fitness and other "great consumption" business types while enjoying home furnishing service, and offer "one-stop" home furnishing and life services.






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