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      Strong combination! Easyhome energizes Man Wah's "1,000 stores plan"

      release time:2018-12-14 promulgator:easyhomeviews:

      On December 14, Beijing Easyhome Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (Easyhome) entered into an all-round strategic cooperation agreement with Man Wah Holdings Limited (Man Wah). Under the agreement, Easyhome will support Man Wah's "1,000 stores plan" in 2019, deepen new retail cooperation and explore more possibilities of cooperation with Man Wah.


      Easyhome will carry out all-round cooperation with Cheers in store opening, storefront management, team building, terminal sales, marketing and smart store, to support Man Wah in implementing its "1,000 stores plan" for 2019 and Cheers Greater China in achieving sales of more than 10 billion yuan, said Wang Ning, President of Easyhome.

      It is an irresistible trend to work with Easyhome amid internet-driven new retail changes and consumption upgrading, said Luo Tingshu, General Manager of Man Wah Greater China. The agreement on jointly building Man Wah's "1,000 stores plan" for 2019 to create a new model for the co-marketing of home furnishing brands is a consensus reached after long-term and in-depth communication.

      New retail energizes new marketing

      Easyhome will integrate resources, connect distribution channels, and cooperate with Man Wah in information sharing, online diversion, offline experience, smart store, co-marketing and investment promotion, to improve new retail efficiency through full-scene consumption experience, retain and expand the market share of Man Wah, said Wang Ning.

      New retail cooperation is not empty talk. In 2019, Man Wah will open more than 1,000 stores in Easyhome's malls, digitalize its smart stores, make full use of big data and join hands with Easyhome to build a new marketing chain.

      Marketing resources bring new retail more possibilities

      The cooperation between Easyhome and Man Wah is based on industry restructuring. In the future, Easyhome's online and offline marketing resources will boost Cheers's sales.

      The model of new retail cooperation with Easyhome is intended to bring corporate operation back to nature, and effectively win consumers and other target audiences for brands. The healthy and win-win cooperation model can not only bring consumers tangible benefits, but also help enterprises reduce costs and comprehensively improve their operation capacity to create more real value for brand owners.

      Terminal channels support 1,000 stores plan

      Encrypted terminal channels will be an inevitable trend. Easyhome had opened 275 stores in 30 domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions by late November, and will open more than 300 stores by late 2018. Easyhome's huge physical store network will be a strong back for Man Wah to open more than 1,000 stores in 2019.

      Through the strategic cooperation, Easyhome will comprehensively extend the range of cooperation with Man Wah. Based on Cheers's existing stores, Easyhome will support Cheers in quickly opening 1,000 stores offering all series of products, to ensure the complete success of the "1,000 stores plan".

      Easyhome will join hands with Man Wah to explore new possibilities in the future. Let's wait to see!






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