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      Bestselling EasyHome World Project Helps Expand Industrial Chain along Both Upstream and Downstream

      release time:2018-12-15 promulgator:easyhomeviews:

        The table of apartments is full of Sold marks. In just two hours, EasyHome World residential project made the bestselling result. On December 15, EasyHome World, the first immersive complex developed by Beijing EasyHome Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd., (EasyHome) in Changchun sold 70% of the residential apartments in just two hours. The complex combines multiple new commerce and experience business forms.

        Commercial property project marks a major move of EasyHome, which is expanding to the upstream and downstream of the furniture industry and building the industrial eco-chain. As of December 2018, EasyHome has developed a few commercial complex projects in Changchun, Urumqi, Guangzhou and Huanggang, etc.

        The busy scene on the spot proves that EasyHome World project is the star product in the market. Buyers were pleased with the fine decoration, the high-standard infrastructures and facilities, the key school nearby and large space of price appreciation, etc.

        The project, located in the core of southern part of Changchun High-tech Development Zone, is adjacent to Jilin University Smart Valley Project, medical institution, rail transport and park, thus gaining wonderful location. It was designed by the Italian architect Mr. Stefano Boeri and Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University Co., Ltd. The project is known as the new landmark in Changchun.

        In winter time, EasyHome World project still produced the hot atmosphere. Now, I will unveil the mystery of the star product.

        Actually, its bestselling was already predicted by what happened in the foundation-laying ceremony. On July 6, it was quite sunny after a few consecutive days of rains. Changchun EasyHome Commercial Property Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary wholly-owned by EasyHome, held the foundation-laying ceremony for its EasyHome World project.

        The project is a high-quality large city complex jointly developed by EasyHome and Changchun Xuanze Real Estate Corporation. It covers 180,000 m2 of land with total built area at 600,000 m2. It consists of EasyHome Experience MALL, EasyHome Makers Building, featured commercial street and high-end residential community.

        The EasyHome World project consists of commercial plot and residential plot. The residential plot focuses on the 85-160 m2 medium-sized apartments. As the high-end residential project with medium-sized apartments rarely seen in the downtown, the project has wonderful infrastructures and facilities, including school, hospital, park, subway and commercial malls, thus forming five-minute-walk life cycle to meet one-step life demands of residents. In the commercial plot, the self-operated EasyHome Experience MALL contains the furniture mall, food supermarket, cinema, restaurants, children’s entertainment, sports and gyms, digital and electronic products, high-end exhibition hall, design center and art center, so as to lead the all-new shopping model featured by online and offline interactions. It is one of the major moves of EasyHome to transform and upgrade from Great Furniture to Great Consumption.

        The 23-floor EasyHome Makers Building provides 60,000 m2 space. It will also adopt the intelligent office system and management model, expected to become the favorite office building.

        The 30,000 m2 commercial street combines leisure, entertainment, food and shopping, etc., thus matching perfectly with the EasyHome Experience Mall.






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