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      Do well to benefit the country and the world's leading commercial brand

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      Easyhome History


      In February, Easyhome received a strategic investment of RMB 13 billion from Alibaba, Taikang Group and others;

      In March, Pororo Children's Theme Park settled in Easyhome;

      In March, Easyhome signed a contract with the Red Dot Industrial Design Exhibition;

      In April, Easyhome experience MALL, a large-scale consumption transformation & upgrade model room, was opened;

      In May, Easyhome's signed stores exceeded 400;

      In May, Easyhome was honored with women's favorite home improvement one-stop service brand;

      In June, Art Home was opened in North Fifth Ring Pretty Home Store and Shilihe Store;

      In June, the 2nd Beijing International Furnishing Fair & Intelligent Life Festival was held in Shunyi New National Exhibition Center;

      In June, Easyhome joined Tmall in "618 Good Life Carnival Season" to achieve RMB 1.068 billion sales in three days;

      In July, Easyhome became No. 1 of China's Top 10 Home Improvement Chain Stores in 2017-2018;

      In July, Easyhome opened its first direct store in Xinjiang: Urumqi High-Speed Rail Station Store;

      In July, Easyhome Appliance and Smart Home Investment Attraction Summit was held in Beijing;

      In August, Easyhome and Freshhema officially opened their first store in Easyhome Shunyi Store after cooperation;

      In August, Easyhome presented Sports Monster;

      In August, Easyhome and Focus Media reached a strategic cooperation;

      In September, the 2018 Beijing International Home Decoration and Design Expo & Intelligent Life Festival were held;

      In November, Easyhome joined Tmall on Singles Day and achieved RMB 12.023 billion national sales

      In December, the 300th store of the Home - Beilonghu store of Zhengzhou Oukailong opened


      February Easyhome (Beijing) Financial Holdings Limited established

      June 1st Beijing International Home Furnishing Exhibition and Chinese Life Festival

      July Officially launched the listing process

      December The 200th store, Changchun Sun City store, opened for business.

      December The 223rd store, Wuhan Fiber Valley store, opened for business.


      March Intelligent Logistics Technology Company Limited established

      September E-commerce - Easyhome Designer released online

      October Second MBO transition completed

      December Acquired Homestyler


      July Easyhome Top Design Center opened

      November The 100th store, Lanzhou Yanbei Road store, opened for business


      March Easyhome Tower completed


      October  First out-of-town store opened - Taiyuan Spring store, marked the beginning its national expansion


      March Liwu Building Materials Supermarket established, started proprietary business

      March Decoration company established, started proprietary design and decoration business

      August 2nd branch store, Shili River store opened for business, starting the chain business


      August First MBO transition completed


      March First to implement Advanced Compensation program in the industry


      August Established the company; its first shop opened on North Fourth Ring





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